Stokman Rozen
Welcome to Stokman Rozen Kenya Ltd.

Stokman Rozen Kenya Ltd (SRK) based in Naivasha Kenya and established in 1994 celebrated its 20th Anniversary in 2014.
Stokman Rozen Kenya (SRK), currently employing 230 people, is situated in Naivasha, Kenya, on the South Lake Road, about 36km from Naivasha town.
SRK is currently the largest rose topgraft propagator in Africa, producing about 7 million topgrafts annually.
To facilitate the grafting process used in making young rose plants, Stokman Rozen Kenya also grows its own rootstock.
SRK is the only company in the world producing, for commercial use, Natal Briar Elite® rootstock certified by Naktuinbouw.
SRK also produces the new and exciting Pro rootstock of which there are three registered varieties; Protatu, Pronne and Protano.
SRK has its own Seed Based Unit which specialises in the germination of summer flower seeds, the rooting of summer flower cuttings and the production of young plants initiated in SRK’s newly acquired Tissue Culture Laboratory.
All plants are made to order, as per customer requirements. Contact us for more details.